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Court fees rise

17 July 2015, by Taylor King Family Law Solicitors

The Ministry of Justice has unveiled plans to increase court fees. Fees for divorce proceedings will increase from £410 to £550.
However, fee remissions will still be available for petitioners who are on a low income with no capital resources. The Ministry of Justice has said that it will make this remissions scheme more generous than it currently is. It will increase the amount of disposable capital allowed to have to qualify for remission and will consider whether other forms of payment or benefit should be excluded from the disposable capital test.

Although there has not been an announcement as to when these increases are to come into effect, it is usual for there only to be a couple of days notice. Therefore, if you are thinking of a divorce, it would be cheaper to issue proceedings sooner rather than later.

Financial remedies on dissolution of Civil Partnership

03 March 2012, by Taylor King Family Law Solicitors

The case of Lawrence v Gallagher is the first substantial appeal concerning financial orders upon dissolution of a civil partnership.

The judgment confirms that the courts will treat civil partners in the same way as married couples when agreeing financial settlements upon the breakdown of the relationship.

The assets to be divided totalled approximately £4million and the court had awarded Mr Gallagher a share of £1.7 million. However Mr Lawrence, in his appeal, wanted a London flat purchased in his sole name prior to the start of the relationship ring fenced. Lord Justice Thorpe allowed the appeal in part; reducing the lump sum awarded but at the same time indicating that ring fencing the London property was “quite unrealistic”.

Although this case is not significant on its facts, it cements the idea that civil partnerships are dealt with in exactly the same way as marriages when considering how to divide the assets when the relationship comes to an end.