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Muslim Marriage and Divorce in Britain

25 February 2016, by Taylor King Family Law Solicitors

The Muslim Woman’s Network (MWNUK) has published guidance on Muslim marriage and divorce in the UK.

The report is aimed at Muslim woman so that they are better informed about their rights and practices relating to marriage and divorce. MWNUK promotes the registration of Muslim marriages, i.e. having an additional civil marriage, so that a union is valid under English law.

The guidance includes real case studies and covers commonly asked questions such as seeking permission of parents, marrying outside of their faith, valid and invalid marriage and barriers that Muslim woman face when there are trying to get divorced.

The report can be found here [].

Court Closures

11 February 2016, by Taylor King Family Law Solicitors

Thirteen courts across Greater Manchester are set to close in the near future including those in Bury, Oldham, Altrincham, Trafford, Bolton, Tameside, Accrington, Macclesfield and Warrington. Stockport was on the list of closures but after local campaigns the Ministry of Justice has decided to keep it open.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre will take on cases from Bury, Oldham and Trafford magistrates’ courts and Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Tameside and Macclesfield county courts. It will also share cases with Liverpool Civil and Family Court from Warrington county court.

Cases from Oldham magistrates will move to Tameside; cases from Macclesfield magistrates will move to Crewe and cases from Accrington magistrates will move to Blackburn whilst cases from Accrington county court cases will transfer to Burnley.

The large volume of cases being transferred to Manchester Civil Justice centre is likely to strain an already busy court and will mean that the waiting times for listings are no doubt going to increase.